Mama Blue, we love you!




Mother Blue passed away from lymphoma on June 16, 2000 
at 3:45 AM at her home in Sacramento. She died peacefully 
in her sleep while her daughter, Bubuday, held her hand. 
Bonnie was also present.  A memorial was held on July 29, 
in Sacramento, and was also observed at other locations
by friends not able to attend.  Spanky,  Ginny Clemmons, 
and other friends wrote and performed songs in her honor
Donations may be made in her name
to the American Cancer Society
Mother (Lorraine) Blue is of course the marvelous lady who opened her door and her heart to so many young artists of the 60's and gave them a place to perform at her Chicago Club on Wells St. in Old Town.  Anyone who ever met her cannot forget her kindness and sense of humor!   Folk singers, jazz musicians, commedians . . . all found appreciative audiences and some even got "discovered" at Mother Blue's!  It is where Spanky and Our Gang got their start.  Near the end of her life, she was still receiving calls from old friends such as George Carlin and Willie Nelson.  She remained cheerful, courageous and philosophical, to the end.     email Leslie Sahlen for info about the memorial 
or click here for the song 
Goodnight Lorraine