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First Spanky and
Our Gang Poster
1966, Oz, Nigel 
and Spanky.

Poster advertizing release of 
Spanky and Our Gang self-titled
debut album, 1967.

Another early poster,
same photo session,
Nigel, Oz and Spanky,
with text by Oz.

Original trio,
Nigel, Spanky and Oz,
photo for 
Wm.Morris Agency.

Publicity photo used in several
magazine articles.  L to R, Nigel, 
Oz, Malcolm and Spanky.

Cover for Lazy Day
sheet music.  L to R,
Oz, Malcolm, 
Spanky, and Nigel.

Performance photo used 
on original sheet music
for Making Every Minute
Count.  L to R, 
(in front) Oz, Nigel, 
Spanky,  Malcolm, and
(in back, on drums) John. 

Photo used in Sunday NY Times 
article, Sept. 17, 1967
Counter-clockwise from left, 
Oz, Spanky, Nigel, 
John, and Malcolm.

Lazy Day poster, 

Another shot from 
same photo session 
for Wm. Morris.
Used in article for
appearance at the 
Gaslight South, where
recording for 
Live Album was made
in January 1967.  By 
then Malcolm was a
member but the photo
still shows just the 
original trio,
 Spanky, Oz, and Nigel.

Ad from the N Y Times for
appearance at the Bitter End
in Greenwich Village,
April 1967.

Photo was altered slightly
for the ad to make the picture
more compact.

Same photo as 
previous, used in
article in 
Screen Life 
November, 1967.
In the Times ad,
they took Spanky's
image and 
and rotated her
then inserted
between Oz and

Screen Life 
November, 1967.
From same article. 
This photo was turned 
a caricature and used in
the 5 Errors game that 
used to appear in the
Sunday funnies.
L to R, Oz, Malcolm,
Spanky, and Nigel

5 Errors Caricature.
Do any of you
"convalescent hippies"
remember this?!

Ad featuring photo 
sketch of the original 
trio, which appeared
as a page in the
program for the
Oscar Brown
"Summer in the City"
review.  Oz wrote the 
accompanying notes.
Notice the upright 
bass and acoustic guitar!

Hip pocket edition of
Making Every Minute
Count (single)
L to R (in front) 
Oz, Spanky, Nigel and 
(in back) Malcolm

 Sleeve for 24 RPM
single of
Making Every Minute Count
Malcolm, Spanky, Nigel,
and Oz.  Notice the fisheye
lens effect.

Sleeve for 45 RPM
single of  Lazy Day
Seated, Malcolm, Spanky,
Oz, and standing, Nigel

WFUN poster 
advertizing debut album

Teen Set 
October 1967

Another fan mag photo
Nigel, Spanky, Oz and Malcolm

From Teen Life magazine

From TV Star Parade
October 1967

Photo from 
Miami Herald Review
January 19, 1967
Gaslight South

Pantry Pin-up
L to R clockwise
from back,
Malcolm, Oz, Nigel, 
Spanky, and John

1967 Poster sent to me
by fan, Roy Goester.
Thanks, Roy!
L to R, John, Oz, 
Malcolm, Nigel, and Spanky.

Detail, Lazy Day 
poster and sleeve.
L to R, Malcolm,
Spanky, Oz, and
Nigel (standing)

I hope you enjoy these photos, covers, record sleeves and posters of the original Spanky and Our Gang.  These are primarily just the photos, but I hope to put up copies of the reviews and articles themselves, in which some of these appear.  The original group recorded the first three Top 40 hits, "Sunday Will Never Be the Same," "Lazy Day," and "Making Every Minute Count," as well as the "Live" album.  As for photos of the later group, I also hope eventually to put some of those up too.  The later group recorded the other two top 40 hits, "Like to Get to Know You," and "Sunday Mornin'."  Several other songs, including "And She's Mine" and "Yesterday's Rain" also charted but were not Top 40 hits.  The new Complete Recordings CD has previously unpublished photos of the later group by Tom O'Neal and liner notes by Richard Campbell.  Of historical note, the set contains a PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED song "Cryin'," which was recorded at the same time as the 1966 demo, "And Your Bird Can Sing" b/w "Sealed With a Kiss."  It is a rare treat to hear this song. recorded by Spanky, Oz and Nigel, which has sat in the archives, unheard until now!  If any of you have photos and posters you would like to share, feel free to contact me.